Storage on Wheels – Portable Storage

Our portable storage solution, Storage on Wheels (SOWS) comes to you to pack at your leisure. When you are ready we’ll move your SOW for you to your new location or to our secure storage facility for long-term storage.

We Deliver. You Pack. We Pick-Up.

At Trans Can Storage we respect the value of time and convenience. Our SOWs are just another way to provide the best storage experience Brandon Manitoba has to offer. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to help you with all your portable storage needs!

Portable Storage

Storage On Wheels


  • Prepare your home to sell, de-clutter and allow buyers to see the full potential your home has to offer. Cut the clutter, Seal the deal!
  • Between moves, pack your things on your timeline, we’ll store in our secure storage area and deliver directly to your new home when you get possession.
  • Students – Going home for the summer? Pack your SOW, we’ll store for you in our secure storage facility and deliver to you at your new residence for the start of the fall semester!
  • Need Moving Supplies? No problem, we’ll deliver whatever you need with your SOW.

Remodeling & Construction

  • Protect belongings from dirt and the occupational hazards of construction.
  • Secure job site equipment.
  • Create more space to complete the job safely.
  • Make your home more liveable during construction, no need to cram furniture into garage or basement and risk damage.


  • Balance your inventory according to market and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Onsite placement allows you to load and unload as needed.
  • Archive important legal, accounting, sales, expense reports and other documents.
  • We can deliver your portable storage container back to you whenever and where ever you want it.
  • Store seasonal items, special event materials, promotional items, window & display fixtures.

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